Transfer Application

Please Note: We are no longer accepting application for transfer at this time for SY23.
As a selective enrollment school, we may accept rising sophomores, juniors or seniors. However, preference is given to sophomores. All applicants must be able to demonstrate superior academic ability through their current grades and/or standardized test scores, as well as leadership or service contributions to the school or community. Extracurricular participation or talent in a specific area is a bonus (athletics, band, dance, drama, fine arts, etc.). Below are some preferred academic guidelines:
  • GPA: 3.0 or better
  • PSAT 8/9 (end of freshman year): EBRW 410, Math 450 or a composite of 860
  • PSAT10 (end of sophomore year): EBRW 430, Math 480 or a composite of 910
  • SAT: EBRW 480, Math 530 or a composite of 1010
  • Other standardized test target: 70th percentile or better
Please keep in mind that these are guidelines, and a students application is taken into consideration as a whole as opposed to a requirement of meeting all of these guidelines. We are looking for well-rounded students who are exceptional in at least one of these areas. However, if a student cannot demonstrate excellence in any of these areas, then their application is not likely to be accepted. 
Please click below to download the transfer application online.