Incoming Freshmen

King College Prep Admission Procedures
How to Schedule and Apply
Follow the steps to apply online at
Freshman Connection will be Monday - Thursday 8am-12pm.

Please let us know if your child will be attending Freshman Connection July 1st - July 26th

This free program is offered from July 1st to July 26th from 8:am - 12pm. Freshman Connection and is a great way for your student to learn about high school before the first day. 
Freshman Connection will give them a chance to:
  • Get to know their school counselor, teachers, and other support staff Learn school expectations and graduation requirements
  • Practice skills that will help you be successful freshman year
  • Experience fun and educational field trips and college tours
  • Learn study skills and organizational strategies
  • Learn strategies for coping with stress
  • Sharpen their math and reading skills
If you have you more questions please email Mr. Reynolds @ [email protected]