Grading During The Fourth Quarter

Thank you all for sharing your thoughts around grading. Below is a compilation of what was shared by the departments and how we as a School Community will grade our students during 4th quarter of SY20.  It has been vetted out by Mr. Kurstin and he provided the green light from the PPC. 
  • KCP teachers will not enter "Missing" for assignments. Rather "Incomplete" or "Excused" will be entered.  
  • KCP teachers will provide a letter grade for those students who have completed more than half of their assignments. 
  • KCP teachers will enter a passing grade for those students who have completed less than half of their assignments. 
  • KCP teachers have the discretion to change grades based on student circumstances. 
  • KCP teachers will complete Journal entries in ASPEN for those students who are not engaging in remote learning - documenting contacts and support. Just like traditional contact-logs.
  • KCP teachers will provide timely and meaningful  feedback to students 
  • KCP students will not be penalized for submitting work passed its original due date
  • KCP teachers will only fail a student if -
    • The teacher made sure that the student was aware of the assignment expectations and made efforts to communicate with the student and family about expectations 
    • Teacher provided support to the student to successfully complete the assignment
    • The student submitted the assignment, and the teacher offered the student the opportunity to re-take or improve the assignment grade. 
"We want to extend compassion and flexibility to all KCP student's, which is necessary under the circumstances " quote from the  Math Team. Thank you  
If you need support, or have questions we are here. Stay safe and be well!!
This will be posted on the website under remote learning and sent out to parents via Naviance.
Brian Kelly
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. College Prep