Climate Change March Burning Up!

Climate change will soon end us all with the oceans getting warmer, temperature rising, and icebergs melting. These changes can have negative effects on us and our ecosystems. Many people are doing what they can to make a change and fight for climate change, including students.

             Recently there has been a lot of news on climate change activist Greta Thunberg inspiring many students to march on Friday, September 20th. The march mainly led by students, made a big impact and showed that students could make a change rather than stay silent at school. "This is all wrong. I shouldn't be up here. I should be back in school on the other side of the ocean. Yet you all come to us young people for hope. How dare you!” exclaimed Greta Thunberg as she blamed UN leaders for not doing anything about climate change.

Maria Bradley, a climate change activist and a student at King College Prep, attended the climate change march. Maria thinks that if we don’t do anything about climate change and global warming soon then we won’t have a world to live in. “If we don’t get help for climate change then our world will end up like the movie 2012 where the world ends, but instead it would be 2020.”

           Bradley felt the climate change march was fantastic because there were so many different groups of students all fighting for one cause, making her feel like no one could stop her. “One big thing that was important to me was these kids chanting that there wouldn’t be a world for them to grow up in which made me feel like we all need to save the earth.”

Bradley also mentions all the different ways people were trying to help fight climate change. Besides marching there were posters, signs, chants, speeches, and a group named GoodKidsMadCity that Bradley supports strongly. GoodKidsMadCity is an organization who fights for justice for young black teens, and they also came out to support the movement against climate change. Bradley stated, “One interesting poster I saw was Eat a** smoke grass and use glass, not plastic which was funny but true because we are killing our earth with plastic.”

One big thing  Maria noticed is the number of students and youth were at the march. Maria said that the students who skipped school showed that they care more about their earth than education. “There were many different movements working together to fight climate change but one very important thing was that everyone was a student that I can relate to because no matter who you are, we can all unite together.


By Adrian Rosario