New Beginnings

Do you want a principal who cares about students? King finally decided on someone who will lead the school. We are here to welcome our new Principal Brian Kelly, voted in by the King Local School Council on June 20th is planning to change our school by engaging with you, the student. 

Kelly likes to engage with students. Kelly loves being himself even with students because he doesn’t want to be seen as principal he wants to be seen as a friend. “I don’t seek attention because I don’t think that is the point of being a leader . . . the leader is the one who builds a community which gathers together, not a community that looks up to someone.” 

Kelly was attracted to King College Prep because he’s taught at selective enrollment schools and decided to lead them. Kelly taught at Taft High School and then Westinghouse College Prep, a selective enrollment school; the experience at Westinghouse gave Kelly ideas for King. “One big plan that I have is what is going on at the other selective enrollment schools and I want to make sure we are providing those same resources here at King,” said Kelly.

Kelly believes this school needs to attract more students and community recognition. “I want to work on what other selective enrollment schools have that we don’t have because I want to make sure that we are just as good as them.” Kelly doesn’t want to be like other principals who make decisions for the school without consulting the students. We’re the ones here to learn so why shouldn’t the school be productive for us? Kelly wants to improve the curb appeal of the school. He also wants us to have a field, and he wants to re-model the big gym. Our principal wants us to feel like a community and come together; he gave us a Rise Up shirt symbolizing the new year.  Kelly says, “I want to know what the kids want best for this school to better enhance their experience in this school which lets this school engage together as a community”.


The future looks very bright for King!


by Adrian Rosario, Jaydin Stephens, Malachi Williams